Service Areas

Our Service Areas

For over 25 years, Power Distribution Solutions, LLC has been an established electrical services provider in the Southeastern United States. Since our foundation in 1993 we have traveled to our customer locations all over the country providing electrical testing expertise engaging local authorities and contractors in order to provide you integrity based electrical service programs. We collaborate with the professional partners necessary for completing your recommended electrical service programs. Power Distribution Solutions, LLC proudly services the entire Southeast and all neighboring states, including cities such as Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, Indianapolis and beyond. To date, we have the privilege of stating our services benefit client locations here in the United States as well as globally.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage your facility electrical testing and service dependability needs. If you are looking for a quality electrical and mechanical services enterprise offering a diversified toolbox of solutions for systems dependability, systems operating programs, and systems safety standards…you found it.  Give us a call today at 770-732-8824 and see what Power Distribution Solutions, LLC can do for you!